Update on a cutting Knife

Pollution of Linguistic Cleansing

Pollution of Linguistic Cleansing

In an earlier post on Linguistic Cleansing I also mentioned the story about the 14 yrs old Sara who received 38 stabs of a cutter knife because she spoke French in Kapellen-op-den-Bos. Today a few Flemish newspapers bring a different story on the incident as it was reported earlier by as well the Flemish as the Francophone papers. Though is was treated more extensively in the French speaking part of the country.

‘De Standaard’ and ‘Het Nieuwsblad’ both quote  the spokesman of the Brussels court Jos Colpin . As to Colpin there is no prove that Sara was stabbed by the other girls. This does not mean that the whole incident was a haox. There should have been two confrontations. Only during the second confrontation the police was present and made a protocol. As for now I didn’t find this story in the French press.

Is this a backlash or is it serious. I do not know. As to ‘De Standaard’ the police of Kappellen-op-den-Bosh has interviewed several witnesses and couldn’t find one that confirms the version of the facts the way they were exposed by the girl herself and her mother. A feeble point in Sara’s testimony would be that she didn’t recognise het attackers nor doesn’t want to point them out.

The only prove that stands is the ascertainment by a physician that the wounds on Sara’s arm could not be self-inflicted. The psysician excludes auto-mutilatian.Luc Balleux, Sara’s lawyer remains convinced that Sara was attacked. He points to the medical certificate of the doctor. Only Sara remains expelled by Sint Godelieve Instituut, her school.

You can read more about it in ‘Het Laatste Nieuws‘, ‘De Morgen‘ and ‘De Standaard

We must learn from this. Newspapers like to bring sensational stories, we ought to check their sources and consider how trustworthy they were.

Of course even if this was a case of auto-mutilation this does not diminish our post on Linguistic Cleansing. I reported at least 10 undisputable cases of Linguistic Cleansing. It is not just one incident. It’s one incident after another. This is really becoming a frightening tendency. ‘It”s the pattern, stupid’, Vingerhoed comments.

It was a pleasant surprise to find my point of view being defended in a comment of ‘Vingerhoed in another Blog, in the comments on a posting of Sanctorum. Lot of good folks in Flanders too.

1 thought on “Update on a cutting Knife

  1. Hi. I have The same position about this case and find that both the french and dutch newspapers reacted quite amateuristically. If you had more info on this, i am vert interested. Proficiat for The good work !

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