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We link here to an article that was crossposted with permission by Dandelion Salad from Jewish Peace News:

Jewish Peace News: More information about Gaza and actions you can take.

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Gaza sur les Blogs en langue Française

[LIbertés Internets]

Dieudonné et Faurisson antisémites : des provocations mûrement calculées

Tom Segev : Quelques Fausses Hypothèses A Propos De Gaza

[The Wings of the Carp]

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Stop the Israeli crimes in Gaza by Nadia Fadil, Ludo De Witte en Ludo De Brabander

The current Israeli bombardments on Gaza are causing true carnage and are guiding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict to another bloody all time low. When we are writing this there are already more than 300 fatal casualties and more than 1000 people are wounded. These last days were some of the bloodiest in the conflict since 1967. Strengthened by the lukewarm international reactions and the support of the United States, Israel warns that this attack is only the beginning.

Contrary to what Israel and a lot of commentators are saying, the current shelling of Gaza is not a reaction to the rocket launches by Hamas, that made an end to the ceasefire on the 19th of December. According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, minister of Defence Ehud Barak commanded the army 6 months ago to be ready for the operation. This was at the time that the Israeli government had started the negotiations with Hamas for a ceasefire. The argument that Israel wants to target Hamas, under no circumstances justifies that civilians become the victims of punitive measures or military operations. In reality the whole population of the Gaza-strip is being hit. The real goal is to break the resistance to the occupation and the expansion of the colonies on the West bank. With a bold military action the Israeli government is also trying to regain the predicted lost votes to the extreme-right opposition under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu in the upcoming elections.

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Israelis demonstrate against military action in the Gaza Strip

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Als de Israelis zelf betogen zullen we dat hier ook moeten doen waarschijnlijk. Zie oproep in vorig bericht.

If even the Israelis march in protest we will have to do also probably. See call in previous message.

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Berichten uit de Gazastrook – Messages From Gaza


Deze video kan materiaal bevatten dat niet geschikt is voor jonge kijkers/This video may contain images depicting the reality and horror of war and violence and should only be viewed by a mature audience.

Verder berichten van Vrede met een oproep tot betoging Woensdag aanstaande, Dandelion Salad (US), Libertés Internets (FR) en andere Blogs – Also messages of Vrede doing a call for action on next Wednesday, Dandelion Salad (US), Libertés Internets (FR) and other Blogs

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Is Santa Claus going to solve our problems?

Heirnisplein, Gent, 16h, 20 dec. 2008

Heirnisplein, Gent, 16h, 20 dec. 2008

Zie ook Regerings-Mededeling

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