Protests all over the world but Israelian intelligence targets Israeli protesters…

Posted on January 9, 2009 by Dandelion Salad


Israeli intelligence agency cracks down on Israeli protesters

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Rockets fired from Lebanon hit Northern Israel…

Katyusha rockets hit northern Israel, IDF responds with mortar fire, Hezbollah denies role

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Protests against Gaza war held around the world – 09 Jan 09


Friday has seen both peaceful and violent protests throughout the Middle East and elsewhere in the world, as ordinary people express their opposition to Israel’s ongoing offensive in Gaza.

Clayton Swisher has the details.

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Middle East on the brink


The conflict in the Middle East looks set to escalate with Lebanon in danger of being dragged into the hostilities. This follows an exchange of missile fire between militants based in southern Lebanon and Israeli forces.

more about “Middle East on the brink“, posted with vodpod

See also

Jewish Peace News: Resistance to the war

Senate Democrats endorse Israeli war crimes

Send a message to the new Congress asking for a ceasefire (action alert) (updated)



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