Aan GM is reeds lang een vies reukje – GM stinks since a long time

General Motors killed the Electric Streetcar in the US by buying lines and then closing them down
General Motors schakelde de Electrische tram uit in de VS door tramlijnen op te kopen en ze dan te sluiten.

Maar nu staan de parkings in de VS vol met energieverslindende wagens die niet verkocht geraken. Zie fotoserie.

But now the carparks in the US qre filled with cars that consume too mutch gasoline and find no sellers. See photo gallery

General Motors is een van de grote Amerikaanse autofabrieken die miljarden dollars kregen en krijgen van de Amerikaanse regering, maar lang niet iedereen is daar gelukkig mee.

Genral Motors is one of the largest American car groups that got bailout by the American Government but not everybody is happy about that.

Intussen lijkt de VS in de greep van het protectionisme te geraken. De EU gaat daar tegen in.

Meawhile protectionism in  the US is spreading. EU is not happy about it.

Zie/See BBC News

EU attacks ‘Buy American’ clause

Enkele citaten/Some quotes

The EU has increased its pressure on the US to reconsider the “Buy American” clause in the $800bn (£567bn) economic recovery package now before Congress.

The clause seeks to ensure that only US iron, steel and manufactured goods are used in projects funded by the bill.

A European Commission spokesman said it was the “worst possible signal”.

However, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said President Obama had assured her the US would not follow protectionist policies.

“He stressed that,” she said.

The rescue plan has already been approved by the US House of Representatives and is under discussion in the Senate this week, which could sign it off before the weekend.


The continuing wrangles over the Buy American clause come as hundreds of workers at UK power stations continue wildcat strike action in protest at the employment of Italian and Portuguese workers at a Total oil refinery.

Union leaders have denied accusations that the strikers are guilty of xenophobia.

Instead they say the UK workers are unfairly being denied the right to carry out work, because contracts are being awarded to foreign firms who bring in their own staff.

Despite this argument, the Italian and Portuguese governments have called for an end to the protests.

“We want to underline the responsibility of government to avoid this protectionist, xenophobic, nationalistic trend,” said Portugal’s Foreign Minister Luis Amado.

Bij Opel Antwerpen staan2700  jobs op de tocht. Opel Antswerpen valt onder Opel Duitsland dat een filiaal is van GM

At Opel Antwerp 2700 jows threathen to be lost. Opel Antwerp is managed by Opel Germany whitch is a  GM division.

Zie/See De Morgen: Alles of niets voor Opel

See also/Zie ook

Blogs on/over GM

“USA first”: GM to close Antwerp car assembly plant

GMNext (Blog GM CEO’s)

Various articles from Canada and US

Verschillende artikels uit de Canada en de VS

No cuts, CAW boss urges UAW (CAW=Canadian Auto Workers)

CAW in no rush to make wage concessions

GM seeks $150M in concessions: Laporte

CAW opens door to concessions

Canada hands automakers $4B lifeline

Strike ban draws CAW fire

Fiat Employees Protest in Italy, Police Get Involved

U.S. Auto Suppliers May Seek as Much as $25.5 Billion in Aid for Industry

Credit unions stand ready to help automobile industry


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