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Mission Statement


  • The economic situation today is alarming. In the past, crisis has always been a lever to shorten civil rights. Our project wants to defend, preserve and expand civil rights and democracy also in Cyberspace using it’s full capacity for dialogue and debate.
  • Because anti-communication and communication pollution is overwhelming. The large majority of the people is doomed to listen and keep silent. It excludes groups of people and thus creates ghettos of rancour and resentment. Anti-communication is paralleled by communication pollution, like populism, demagogy and manipulation. participatory journalism must intervene to guarantee the truthfulness of the media, that filter too much out.
  • Inequality in society continues or is even aggravated on the net. The fact that the cost of the equipment required to set up and access computer networks creates “haves” and “have nots” advantages certain groups of Internet users over others. Equal access to information resources and the right to communicate for all is far from realised.
  • Some social groups do not get a hearing in society because their habitual forms of discourse are not privileged, not recognised as legitimate or even “sensible” by those who control the media and exercise power. Things are not different on the Internet. Both in the real world and on the Net a major task of unprivileged groups is to break through a credibility barrier so that their voice and their arguments can be heard.
  • Open mindedness is one of the essential qualities needed to safeguard democracy. A society without an open public debate fossilizes and becomes rigid. It conserves “la Pensée Unique”and its consequence is the inbreeding of solutions and elites.
  • Investigative journalism is threatened due to drastic savings. The time is there that we as citizen journalists help and correct press and TV producing high quality and truthfull Internet journalism. Our struggle should go hand in hand with the struggle of professional journalists who face dismissal. The big media monopolies should no longer consider journalists and writers as throwaways.
  • A lot of people in Belgium and abroad are tired of the quarrels of the bourgeois politicians? But can we do better? In an open and democratic way? If not we will not be able to ressist the conservative takeover that’s on the way. When democracy is endangered, it’s our plight to stand up.
  • The Flying Carp offers unbiased quality analysis of the actual situation. Facts matter. It is unbound and wants to confront different point of views thus offering the facilities for debate and connections. Communication can be empowering, can be grounding a network for social change, it’s up 2u.

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  1. Discriminatory or offensive replies will be removed immedtiatly. Please warn the sysadmin when you notice such an intrusion.
  2. Anonymous postings are not allowed.
  3. Anonymous replies are not allowed either.
  4. Bare in mind that computer mediated communication cannot resolve ambiguity, while face to face communication can most of the time.
  5. You can always agree that you disagree. After all, ploblems can only be solved in the real world. Trying to solve problems you cannot solve in the real world using CMC , only will add more problems and solve nothing at all.
  6. This rules are not to block freedom of speech but to sort out communication polution.

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