De één procent regel, een goed begin voor de revolutie

Author: Daniël Verhoeven

English Summary

I this article I try to frame the movement of the Spanish ‘indignants’ historically. Is it a straw fire or will it last for years? I discern their actual success stressing the importance of the one percent rule. It means that a popular movement must be able to mobilise instantly one percent of the population all over the country thus being able to withstand police repression and pressure of all kind. Their success in the long run will depend on their ability to expand in numbers, but also outside the borders of Spain. 

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Neighbors Helping Neighbors—to Break Into Vacant Houses in US

Published on 18 feb 2009 by the Twin Cities Daily Planet (Minneapolis – St. Paul, Minnesota)

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by Madeleine Baran

Poverty rights activists broke into at least a dozen vacant Minneapolis buildings this week and helped homeless families move in.

“This is the modern underground railroad,” said Cheri Honkala, National Organizer for the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, the group organizing the “takeovers.”

This week’s actions are part of a growing national movement to illegally open up thousands of vacant, foreclosed homes to provide housing for the growing number of homeless people. Over 3,000 Minneapolis homes went into foreclosure in 2008. Advocates estimate that over 7,000 Minnesotans are homeless. Most Twin Cities’ homeless shelters have been filled to capacity for months.

On a recent afternoon, organizers planned their next takeover while eating cabbage, rice, sausage, and corn bread prepared by Rosemary, a 59-year-old African American woman facing eviction from her home. Rosemary, who asked that her last name not be used, plans to remain in her house illegally after the March 31 eviction date. In the meantime, she spends her time organizing for tenant’s rights.

“Welcome to the revolution,” Rosemary said, greeting a homeless couple looking for housing.

Lonnetta and Dwayne took a seat on Rosemary’s couch. Dwayne, 52, walking on crutches from a series of recent foot surgeries, explained that he lost his janitorial job in June when he broke his foot. The married couple asked that their last name not be used.

“Welcome to the Revolution!”

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Fifty thousand protesters against Israelian violence in Brussels

[short report of a protester]

The organisisers estimated the number of protesters in Brussels on Sunday 11 jan. 2008 at 50,000. As to the one-eyed police,  there were only 20,000. Having only one eye they lack perspective of course. The organisers also complainted about the lack of cooperation of the police forces. To protest is a human right, it is also inscribed in the Belgian Constitution. It’s to the police to defend these rights of every citizen. When 50,000 people protest, there are 50,000 reasons to protect them.

Arriving at the ‘Gare du Midi/Brussel Zuid’, at half past one, a large group of new Belgians was organising in the station hall. Women and men of all ages, calmly preparing to march for peace in the streets of the European Capital. They orderly distributed security bandages and small Palestinian paper flags. I got no problem receiving one, hoping that, today in Brussels this little flag would be my ‘laisser passer’. It was.

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