Solidariteitsbijeenkomst met de Egyptische, Tunesische en Libische revoluties en de volkeren in beweging

Wij eisen:

  • ·De vrijlating van alle politieke gevangen in de regio.
  • ·Geen inmenging door de buitenlandse economische belangen en instellingen.
  • De Belgische regering moet breken met de regimes en de bezittingen van de dictators blokkeren en teruggeven aan de volkeren in de regio.
  • ·De kwijtschelding van de schuldenlast.

Wij zijn solidair met de zelforganisatie van de volkeren,  de volkscomités, de vakbonden en de democratische bewegingen in hun strijd voor sociale rechtvaardigheid en democratische rechten.

Zaterdag 5 maart, vanaf 14u.

Op de Korenmarkt in Gent.

Organisatie: Comité in solidariteit met de  Egyptische,Tunesische en Libische revoluties en de volkeren in beweging

Wij roepen ook op voor de Nationale Solidariteitsbetoging

op zondag 20 maart, in Brussel.

Info en contact: of: 0496/ 20 76 37.

Pamflet in PDF

Google’s Stasi practices registering behavioral profiles of its users, invading our privacy

Posted at Adbusters, 12 March 2009
Author: Micah White
Keywords also in Wikipedia: Google, Privacy, Activism, Google Watch, Uberveillance
Keywords at Adbusters: privacy, Google, disobedienceclick, activism

We can force Google to stop their privacy violations while ridding the internet of advertising… by clicking ads.

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WRI public statement on the bomb attack on Greek Conscientous Objectors

WRI public statement, 26 Feb 2009

(WRI stands for War Resisters International)

The War Resisters’ International (WRI), an international network of 82 affiliates in 43 countries, including Greece, condemns the terrifying attack on its associate, Association of Greek Conscientious Objectors.

On the Tuesday 24 February night, at around 10 pm, and while there was in full progress an open meeting against the new Greek army armaments plan, hosted by the Greek Association of Conscientious Objectors, an unknown person threw a hand grenade at the building that the meeting was taking place and then run away. The perpetrator tried to throw a hand grenade inside the meeting hall through the window. Fortunately, there was double-glazing and only the outside glass broke, bouncing off the hand grenade into the pavement, just outside the building. From the explosion, some glass windows in the surrounding buildings were broken and damage was caused in the pavement. But thankfully, and only due to sheer luck, no one was harmed, against, apparently, the clear intention of the perpetrator to kill.

The War Resisters’ International is extremely concerned about this particular attempt to kill Greek antimilitarists and the general rise of fear and insecurity in Greece, specially for activists in Greece. The spirit of December 2008 (when the killing of Alexandoros Grigoropoulos provoked mass protests throughout Greece) is obviously still alive among different activist groups in Greece and WRI supports their struggle to end the circle of violence. The rise of extreme right wing groups which spread fear and threaten the very life of people cannot be tolerated. Not anywhere in the world, not in Greece.

The War Resisters’ International calls upon Greek authorities to undercover the perpetrator and unmask the motives behind this terrible act.

The War Resisters’ International calls other antimilitarist and pacifist groups to express solidarity with Greek COs in their struggle.
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